Kidney Disease

There are different stages of chronic kidney disease, each stage requiring specific nutrition therapy guidelines. Because the kidneys filter out electrolytes and waste from our bloodstream, it is important to limit certain nutrients.

Tips for Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 5

  • Maintain a weight within a healthy range through caloric intake.
  • Select lean protein sources that have a high biologic value.
  • Limit sodium intake to decrease fluid retention and lower blood pressure.
  • Limit potassium intake.
  • Limit phosphorus intake.
  • Add a vitamin containing B-complex, vitamin C, vitamin D, iron and zinc.


Sample Breakfasts for Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 5

2 slices toast

2 scrambled eggs

1/2 cup cranberry juices

1/2 English muffin

2 teaspoons jam

1 oz turkey sausage

1/2 cup strawberries

Omelet with 2 eggs

1/4 cup asparagus

1/4 cup peppers

2 slices toast

1/2 cup pineapples

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