Makeda Mikael, RD/LD

My name is Makeda Mikael, and I’m a registered dietitian (RD/LD). I created The Nutty RD as a way to express my nutrition philosophy and help others realize nutrition is a multi-faceted concept. It’s not just about what you eat – it’s about your entire lifestyle. It’s no coincidence my nutrition philosophy aligns with that of The Nutty RD’s. If you’ve ever eaten a meal with me, you’ll notice I’m all about moderation and eating based on my needs (i.e. do I mentally need that brownie? YES!). All foods can fit in a healthy lifestyle. The key is moderation. Self-care is one of my favorite ways to enhance my healthy lifestyle. Yoga, a hot cup of tea, or giving myself a manicure are some of my go-to self-care rituals. I also believe a healthy lifestyle includes a spiritual connection to something other than yourself.  Exercise can be a bit of a chore for some people, but once you find the right type of movement for yourself, exercising can be fun. My journey to finding my version of a healthy lifestyle has been a long one but it is one that has brought me great joy throughout my life.


To schedule a nutrition counseling appointment with me, visit the nutrition services page.

I have my parents, my husband, and my wonderful family to thank for all the support they’ve given me throughout the years and helped me get to where I am today.





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